Navigating the choppy waters of system change

Taking a ‘systems approach’ to improving public health is a challenge akin to white water rafting, according to research from NIHR ARC West and Active Gloucestershire. In a new paper published in BMJ Open, the team explain how a system change programme, such as Active Gloucestershire’s we can move, requires a metaphoric raft, a robust guide and a multi-sectoral crew in order to negotiate the rapids of public health.

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Our applied health research and implementation focus on projects on mental health, public health and prevention, healthier childhoods and integrated and optimal care.

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We are committed to a collaborative approach to patient and public involvement in research and the delivery of health care and services, through our partners People in Health West of England.

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Our training and capacity building work promotes the development of skills in understanding, using and producing evidence for the health and social care, public health and commissioning workforce, as well as the voluntary sector.

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