Research teams

Our researchers are based in four teams, focused on their expertise in research methodologies: behavioural and qualitative science, applied data science, evidence and health economics.

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Applied data science

The applied data science team uses data to uncover the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions, and how these link to health services, using the best techniques to increase the reliability of their findings.

Theme lead: Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo

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Behavioural and qualitative science

The behavioural and qualitative science team focuses on adapting behavioural interventions for diverse communities and using qualitative methods to understand the views, cultures and behaviours of individuals and groups. They uncover experiences of health and care, ensuring a wide range of viewpoints is included.

Theme lead: Professor Lucy Yardley

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The evidence team can review published research studies, or others’ reviews where they exist, as well as various types of data, to help build a picture of the evidence that already exists for a topic or project.

Theme lead: Professor Julian Higgins

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Health economics

The health economics teams are experts in looking at the efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of healthcare to inform decision-making.

Theme lead: Professor Will Hollingworth

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