The evidence team can review published research studies, or others’ reviews where they exist, as well as various types of data, to help build a picture of the evidence that already exists for a topic or project.

Theme lead: Professor Julian Higgins

Team members

Dr Jelena Savović

Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis
  • Team Lead

Dr Sharea Ijaz

Senior Research Associate, Evidence Synthesis

Lauren Scott

Senior Research Associate, Quantitative Research/Evidence Synthesis

Maggie Westby

Senior Research Associate

Professor Julian Higgins

Cross-cutting Methodological Theme Lead

Rebecca Wilson

Senior Research Associate in Quantitative Research and Evidence Synthesis

Sarah Dawson

Senior Research Associate in Information Retrieval

Tess Moore

Senior Research Associate, Evidence Synthesis


Analysing studies of COVID-19 treatments

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Screen shot of the JAMA paper looking at the use of corticosteroids to treat covid

Association between administration of systemic corticosteroids and mortality among critically ill patients with COVID-19: a meta-analysis

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Understanding which strategies to prevent childhood obesity work best

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Do pooled budgets help children with complex needs?

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