COVID-19 response

In a global pandemic, applied research is more essential than ever. It can help health and care systems weather the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately saving lives and improving patient outcomes. It is also important to help understand how changes across health and care services are affecting the people who rely on them.

Here you will find ARC West-led research projects and rapid research reports from across the applied research community, co-ordinated by ARC West, as well as flagship cross-ARC projects with national reach and impact.

COVID-19 research

From rapid evidence reviews to large scale research projects, here's the work ARC West is doing on COVID-19. High impact national ARC flagship projects are also included.

Research projects

Original research projects led by ARC West and our partner organisations.

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Rapid reports

These rapid research reports are to help inform decision-making across health and care systems.

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National ARC flagship projects

ARCs are joining forces on a series of high impact studies that cover more than one ARC region.

National ARC flagship projects