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A GP consultation

Tracking the rise in prescribing for anxiety in UK primary care

  • 22 Mar 2022
Screenshot of the prescribing for anxiety paper

Rise in prescribing for anxiety in UK primary care between 2003 and 2018: a population-based cohort study using Clinical Practice Research Datalink

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A doctor and older patient having a video call

Online consultations can disadvantage some patients and create more work for GP practices

A screenshot of the DECODE paper

Unintended consequences of online consultations: a qualitative study in UK primary care

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Statin pills and a stethoscope on a form about blood fat levels

Study shows regression discontinuity analysis can be used on routine healthcare data

Screen shot of the statins RDA paper

Regression discontinuity analysis for pharmacovigilance: statin example reflected trial findings showing little evidence of harm

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